My G8

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I've been working on cars my whole life and still loving it. My 2008 G8 GT has become my latest workshop. I've learned a lot along the way and I'm ready to share my creations with you.

Spare Tire Speaker Enclosure


Custom built to order and specification. Sealed or ported. One, two, or three, 8's, 10's, or 12's. Volume can be specified up to 3.0 cu ft. Sturdy fiberglass construction gives you the most volume possible with the least amount of weight. A standard 1/2" MDF enclosure for 2 10's weighs in around 50-60 pounds. This enclosure is only 20 pounds!

The base of the enclosure is made from several layers of custom molded fiberglass while the top is made from 3/4" MDF. The top can be left blank or cut for any desired speaker arrangement and carpeted in black or grey speaker cloth. Handles make the enclosure easy to remove at the track.

Each enclosure is custom made and takes approximately 3 days to build and ship. The price includes shipping to the lower 48, USA.


  • Extremely light weight
  • Full use of trunk space
  • Stealth location prevents theft
  • Easy to put in and take out
  • No vehicle down time for fabrication
  • No lingering fiberglass smell from in-car fabrication


  • No spare tire
  • Cost
  • Shipping and handling time


  • Max Volume: 3.0 cu ft
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Max speaker mounting depth: 8.25"

Triple Gauge Cluster


Seat Bolster Mod

Before After

I got sick of feeling like I was going to fly out of the car around corners and seeing my passengers grab onto the "Oh Shit" handle. These seats are around $900 each or something and I could not afford decent racing seats that match my interior so I set out on this project. It involves carefully taking the seats apart and welding in some reinforcements to bring the bolsters (bottom and back) in to hug your body. The leather takes a month or so to re-stretch and form to the new design.


Strut Tower Brace

Made extremely strong and lightweight. This is the only completely straight brace minimizing body roll. Because the bar is straight there is no flex. It is made from aluminum and steel. Turnbuckle heim joints allow you to preload the brace creating a rigid engine bay.

CTS-V Brembo 4-Piston Caliper Brake Upgrade - Powder Coat and Rebuild (front and rear)

Ignition Coil-Pack Relocation


Valve Cover - Coil Pack Anchor Post Removal